Why Join MEAPA?

As a physician assistant, you are a skilled professional who came to the profession to make a difference to those in need. To be the best in your profession requires advocacy, the most up-to-date information and research, and the highest-quality resources available to PAs. Your MEAPA membership can provide you with all of these resources, to not only help you fulfill your personal career goals, but to ultimately help you make a difference in the community, at large. As a member of MEAPA you are eligible for valuable benefits including:


Continuing Medical Education (CME) is an integral part of becoming and staying a licensed physician assistant. MEAPA continually assesses the CME market to bring you the latest ground-breaking CME resources. Attending the Annual Winter Conference provides you with approximately 20 sessions of CME offerings.


MEAPA membership offers numerous opportunities to network with leaders of the PA profession and colleagues at special events and meetings throughout the year. Stay an informed and cutting-edge provider by taking advantage of the many valuable publications MEAPA offers to you free with membership. MEAPA recently launched the "Maine Association of Physician Assistants" page on Facebook to provide a social networking channel to PAs and students.


Job Listing service on our website that offers frequent updates!

And that is not all …

Without your help as a member of MEAPA, and without volunteer leaders, MEAPA will not be able to improve the PA profession here in Maine, and protect the future of our profession. Joining MEAPA is just that important.